be bears
be smiles
be you 

the inspiration
the inspiration behind blossoming bears; 
not only is blossom a nice thing to look at, and bears are really quite cute, and one my favourites, they both also represent and show strength, not only being pretty and not only being strong,
 and that's alright you don't have to be stereotypical you don't have to be one thing or another.
it's fine to be;

knowledgeable and imaginative 
beautiful and strong 
cute and independent 
charming and unconstrained
gorgeous and individualistic
adorable and fierce
[this list goes on]

the name's representation and meaning
so along with the initial representation, ‘blossoming bears’ represents more, the ‘bears’ part also stands for ‘Beautifully Endearing And Really Strong’ reinforcing and reminding that it is okay to be both things. be a child, be an adult, blossoming into and blossoming through life with determination, independence and strength, everyone has a different story but
everyone can blossom in their own way, and be strong in their own way

the ‘bears’ part also stands for ‘BE Any Real Smile’ meaning it is fine to let a smile out and not shut them away in the mix of anxiety 

the little mascot is a little bear with blossom petals on its fur from having fun, it's name is ‘JESSE’ which stands for ‘Justifying Every Smile Strongly Everyday’

a little about me
I'm Alice I;

have always had a keen love for fashion and textiles; from a young age, sewing little purses and keyrings for friends [some may have been covered in glitter glue and really not very neat but hey, little tokens of my creativity]. making outfits for my toys or dressing them in old baby clothes, styling them up, were things I really liked doing, and really still do. I love designing and making my own clothes, adapting old clothes into new designs and customising customising customising. and I have a big passion for styling my clothes, from putting together outfits to pairing them with scenery 

have a fascination for photos; taking photos is something I love to do, and also looking through photos; old photos, ones I've taken or childhood/ family photos. and photos by random strangers, seeing glimpses of the world. photos hold; views, memories, moments, and stories but also a lot of inspirations

I really like nostalgic moments; whether it's from childhood or a few days ago, I find clothing and photos really help bring nice feelings and emotions out; they help in remembering nice moments and in doing so encourage more nice moments
I have written a little about my OCD story here