the whole concept behind blossoming bears is to do things our own way, at your own pace, so this is not here to say things you have to do, but it is something that may help when feeling really stressed, worried and anxious, feeling judged, or analysing things too much that don’t need to be ...  

things that I need to remember and thing that sometimes help me ...

mindfulness tools;

clouds in the sky
when really getting bombarded by worrying thoughts, one tool to use is this one; imagine that the thoughts are clouds in the sky, they could be any shape or size but they are only clouds and they are not attached to you, and they can pass by, they may be sat up there but they can float on by and you can carry on with your life detached from them. 

logs on a river
another tool is to imagine being on a path by a river, and placing worrying thoughts on a log and let them float away, you don’t need them, you are on your path and the intrusive thoughts can float on by, bye.

nice path
another thing that really helps me is to remember the path I like to be on, and when worrying thoughts and OCD is shouting at me to do things, I try to remember; keeping on doing the things OCD says is not letting me have a nice life, it is not a path I like, so I try and not listen to the worrying thoughts and get back on my nice life path

actually some things I also try to remember and really help me are; 

something someone said online, that done is better than perfect when it comes to things like trying to progress with a task spending too much time on it trying to perfect and putting too much pressure on it, means sometimes all the work you have put into it could be going to waste, it is fine to share things you've done and then progress into making them better each time you share things. so you have a less pressured life, in trying to get everything done at once